The Team show off their Woodland Survival skills

Coast and Country Team Away day ~ Thursday 25th November

A day of fire making attempts, wood carving, shelter building, orienteering, a day for laughter, for Cornish pasties, and for falling off tree stumps – sorry Chris!

From the left – Eddie, Tyler, Ian James, Amanda, Elliot, Naomi, Vasco, David James, Rich, Marc, Aggy, Francesca James, Stu, Mark, Jules, Lucy, Nikki & Chris James.

The beautiful Quayside walk took us past Cotehele Mill on our way to our woodland camp.


We made it to camp and were greeted by a lovely hot drink brewing on the camp fire.

Task 1. Learn to use the bush craft tools..   Task 2. In teams use your new found skills to build a shelter!

The teams made light work of putting  up the four shelters and then it was time to stop for lunch and as we were in Cornwall.. was only right we styled it out with a Cornish pasty!

Task 3. Build a fire and create a pot kettle stand to hang over the fire.

Eddie, Tyler & Jules stormed ahead of this challenge and were the first to get their water pot boiling.

The team got straight to work building starting from little matchstick size twigs, to large branches, everyone had such a laugh and every one had a fire going by the end, to all our suprise!

Task 4. Find 10 letters hidden around the forrest by plotting 10 grid references Jack had given us on a map then use a compass to find your way around the woodland and find al of the hidden letters to reveal the word..

Aggy’s team getting in the zone, plotting grid references to for the missing letters.

The teams on their merry way trying to find them all, we think some of the letters may have been sneakily hidden.

We think Eddie and Tyler may have had something to do with the hidden letters.. hmm

Task 5. Head to the pub!

The management really went out on a limb to make sure the team had the most tree’mendous day hehe!

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