How to plan your family holidays in Cornwall

Cornwall is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, an action-packed adventure or anything in between with your children, pets, and extended family. There are so many things to do in Cornwall, from coastal walks to culinary tours, and the best way to explore everything the region has to offer is by planning ahead. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to plan your family holidays in Cornwall – no matter the season – so you can make sure to have a memorable trip!

Summer family holidays in Cornwall

Cornwall offers some of the best hidden beaches in the UK making it a great place to spend your Summer. However, we recommend securing your family holidays in Cornwall early – dinner reservations and activities alike – especially if you’re planning to visit between June and August.

In summer, the weather is sunny and warm, perfect to enjoy the Cornwall coastline. You can leisure on the beach or explore the many rock pools spread across the shores in search of starfishes. You can also spend a few days visiting small villages or pop into a local farm to go fruit picking. Both the Trevaski farm near Hayle and the Chyreen fruit farm in Truro offer a sweet experience that will please any age.

If you’re looking for something a little more active, there’s always the option for outdoor adventures in Tamar valley: whether that’s canoeing on the river or hiking around the Burrator reservoir. No matter what you want to do during the summer, the region is sure to make family holidays in Cornwall unforgettable.

Autumn family holidays in Cornwall

Less crowded. Cool temperatures. Mesmerising autumnal colours. These are all reasons to plan your family holidays in Cornwall between September and November.

In Autumn, the region is packed with local festivities including the Falmouth oyster festival and the Truro farmers market. This season is also the ideal time for countryside foraging, whether that’s mushrooms and berry picking along Churchtown farm nature reserve or seaweed and mussel foraging in Kingsand bay.

Surfing is another activity to consider during your autumn family holidays in Cornwall but be sure to check the swell, coast guard hours, and surf school schedule in advance before you head out to the ocean. If you’re after something a little less weather-dependent, head to Tamar for horseback riding in the countryside.

Winter family holidays in Cornwall

While Cornwall is quieter during the winter, it has just as many adventures to offer as any other season! Here are some of the best things to do during your family holidays in Cornwall.

First, pick your favourite trailing spot. You can choose between quiet walks on the beach, frosty hikes in the forest, or both. Then, head to a nearby cafe for a hot chocolate. There’s an unspoken contest on who has the best hot cocoa in the region, so you have to try them all. But make sure to check opening hours as they may change during winter. Also, if you’re around before Christmas, there will be plenty of markets to warm you up.

No matter how you choose to spend your family holidays in Cornwall, the one winter rule is to always check the weather before you head out. After all, It is always nicer to watch a storm from the cosiness of a cafe, pub, or your own glamping tent.

Spring family holidays in Cornwall

Now that the days are getting warmer and longer, you can enjoy the coastline to its fullest during your family holidays in Cornwall.

The region is filled with beautiful gardens that are in full bloom when spring comes around, so why not visit some of them, including the Trebah forest, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and the Tresco Abbey Gardens. For more nature hits, you can also head for a coastal walk along Torquay beach or Berry Head, which are so enjoyable in the spring thanks to the low foot-traffic and cool temperatures.

Spring is also a great time to spot wildlife, like sea dolphins and grey seals along the shores of Mutton Cove or fireflies and exotic birds in Scilly. Overall, any activities can be done in spring, making it an ideal season for family holidays in Cornwall.

Top tips for unforgettable family holidays in Cornwall

No matter the season, there’s no shortage of fun activities for adults and children all year round. But now that you have picked your season and started planning your family holidays in Cornwall, there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure a smooth and unforgettable trip.

Number 1: Make an itinerary

Some will say that there is too much to do in Cornwall, so planning activities in advance will avoid the potential stress and hustle that comes with jampacking your holiday schedule. It’s best to stick to just one location or town per day and enjoy what its surroundings have to offer.

Number 2: Check the weather

We might be repeating ourselves here, but for good reasons. As beautiful as Cornwall is, the weather can be unpredictable, no matter the season. So don’t let it ruin a perfect holiday and plan your schedule according to it.

Number 3: Book activities in advance

Restaurants, surf lessons, and canoe rides can easily be booked out, especially during holidays times such as Easter weekend or Summer. As such, make sure to call in and reserve your spot to avoid missing out during your family holidays in Cornwall. Additionally, if you’d like to recover from your daily schedule in a comfy bungalow or romantic glamping tent, book those well in advance, too.

Whether you’d like to bring your children, your dog, or just yourself, we would love for you to come stay with us at Coast and Country holiday parks. You can check our Tamar View and Notter Bridge locations’ availability for your next family holidays in Cornwall here.