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Top 3 Walks from Lynmouth Holiday Retreat

Embark on a journey of exploration with our top three walks to take from Lynmouth Holiday Retreat. Nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Exmoor National Park, our retreat offers the perfect starting point for walking adventures amidst stunning natural landscapes. Lynmouth and its surrounding areas boast a variety of walks to suit every preference and ability. From the iconic South West Coast Path to hidden gems waiting to be uncovered, prepare to escape to the awe-inspiring beauty of North Devon’s countryside from Lynmouth Holiday Retreat.

One of, if not the best walk you can do direct from Lynmouth holiday retreat!

6.6 miles – Ascent 1555ft – Decent 1541ft

From LHR walk North down Summer House Lane. Once at the wood line you turn right. Following signs for Watersmeet and Hillsford Bridge. You are treated to wonderful views up the East Lyn Valley as you walk high on the valley edge.


Once above Watersmeet the route heads down the hill, through Myrtlebury Iron Age Enclosure. When you are there you can see why the spot was picked. You then take the, in places, rocky path down to Watersmeet. From there you follow the East Lyn river down to Lynmouth. The path on the left hand bank keeps you closer to the river.

Once in Lynmouth its a case of deciding how you return to LHR. For the very sprightly there is the straight up route or, as the map indicates, the funicular railway can bring you up to Lynton before walking along Lynway to Lynbridge. Again, here there is a ‘straight up the hill’ option or, as the map, the slightly more sedate, picturesque route to the top of Summer House Hill and back to LHR. Discover the full route here..

9 miles – Ascent 1614ft – Decent 1597ft

After leaving LHR the mapped route takes you down a rocky path. Take care when walking the A39 out of Barbrook towards Deans Gate.

The route takes you to the valley of The Lee river and through woodland to Lee Abbey. 


Walking away from the Abbey you turn onto the coast path gives wonderful views of The Valley of Rocks.

From the valley you take the North Path around Hollerday Hill back to Lynton. A fine opportunity to sample the delights of Lynton’s pubs, and cafe’s before the route back via Lyn Way to Lynbridge.


Once across the river at the Cottage Inn you have the option of the steep path back up to Lynmouth Holiday Retreat, or the more scenic, slightly gentler route Summer House Hill, there is also the option to skip this part of the route and use one of the local indenpendant taxi services.

Discover the full route here..


9.5 miles – Ascent 2437ft – Decent 2431ft

The route starts with magnificent views up the East Lyn Valley and then takes you through sites of iron age settlements and enclosures. The route then brings you down to Hillsford Bridge and follows Hoaroak Water to Watersmeet.

Click on the map below for full route guide..


From Watersmeet you are walking up the East Lyn. Past Deep Pool, one of the local ‘secret’ swimming spots, to Rockford and the delightful Rockford Inn. A traditional Exmoor pub with a fine selection of beverages and nice menu. Very handy for composing yourself before the accent up to Butter Hill.



From Butter Hill there are glorious views over the Bristol Channel, Wales and along the coast. It’s then a short drop down to join the South West Coast Path. Walking on the cliff side the path will take you down Countisbury Hill to Lynmouth.

Discover the full route here..

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