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Guests Supporting Exmoor: £414 Raised for Conservation

Lynmouth Holiday Retreat’s guests demonstrated their commitment to Exmoor’s preservation recently by raising an incredible £414 for CareMoor for Exmoor. This generous contribution will directly support a range of nature and heritage conservation initiatives, ensuring the continued protection of Exmoor’s delicate ecosystems and historical landmarks.

The funds raised by Lynmouth Holiday Retreat’s guests will have a tangible impact on the National park, aiding in the restoration of wildlife habitats, the preservation of historic sites, and the improvement of trail accessibility.

Exmoor National Park is a beloved destination for millions, offering unmatched natural beauty and abundant opportunities for exploration. Its diverse landscapes, from rugged moorlands to lush valleys, attract adventurers of all ages.

However, maintaining and enhancing the park’s ecosystems and cultural heritage requires support from initiatives like CareMoor for Exmoor. This vital program facilitates conservation efforts and sustainable development projects, ensuring the preservation of Exmoor’s treasures for future generations.

At Lynmouth Holiday Retreat, the commitment to preserving Exmoor’s natural heritage goes beyond providing a place to stay—it’s a shared ethos that resonates with guests and staff alike. With each donation, guests become stewards of Exmoor’s landscapes, ensuring that its beauty and significance endure for generations to come.

What sets CareMoor for Exmoor apart is its innovative donation structure, allowing contributors to allocate funds to specific projects. Whether protecting endangered species, restoring ancient woodlands, or enhancing visitor facilities, donors play a crucial role in shaping Exmoor’s future.

Find out how you can donate today here…

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